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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12

Change Log


New functions:

  • structured reports can be written directly in grabber window
  • video recording and snapshot capture can be controlled using endoscope user buttons (Olympus endoscopy towers)
  • user is notified of hiding panel when running aplication for the first time
  • dcm4che 3.3.3 library update

Bug fixes:

  • error while saving DEX search to favorites
  • error message is not in human readable form when application is started from two user profiles simultaneously
  • AVCapture2 no library installed error detection
  • application crash while using keyboard hot key without grabber window started


New functions:

  • Direct video encoding to DICOM MPEG4 (H.264/AVC) with hardware accelerated codecs
  • Specialized small display UI mode for digitalization
  • Patient data autocomplete over DEX

Bug fix:

  • Sending charset request in DEX query


Bug fixes:

  • repeated CD/DVD burning library download request in case of unavailable internet connection


New function:

  • Direct data conversion from MediCapture device to PACS

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to show RGB images in transfer syntax RLELossless with Planar Configuration 1
  • Progress of CD burning does not show
  • Progress is not shown while downloading data from DEX server


New functions:

  • Storage Commitment support
  • hiding ruler OSD on uncalibrated images
  • options to invert mouse drag zoom
  • minimal window size in 3+ monitor mode

Bug fixes:

  • overlaying active localizer line
  • error while opening invalidly anonymized images (invalid Age String format)
  • eror in local DB access auditlog
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