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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12

Change Log


New functions:

  • Special mode for 3 and more dislays workstations
  • Advanced PACS, DEX, Local DB and categorization search speed-up
  • OSD shortcut notification on all connected displays
  • Option to disable image viewing on specified display (eg. non-diagostic)
  • Notification for Dicompass updates directly in application in case of long application uptime
  • Option to change font size even for application UI
  • It is possible to open multiple studies even in basic search (CTRL+click)
  • Multiframe image export
  • Windowing values are set when creating new series
  • Option to switch between modal and non-modal add dialog
  • Function to retrieve additional patient studies with one command
  • Option panel to automatic cleaning of passively retrieved images
  • Highlighting of Localizer lines on diagnostic displays
  • CD viewer mode now does not writes any data to other location than TEMP directory
  • Option to disable OS choosing for CD/DVD burning

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to expand patient level in working set tree while tree is permanently pinned
  • When user confirm query selection by double click sooner than query is completed, some images are missing
  • Image palette change for whole series
  • One windowing values for whole multiframe image
  • Error status notification while searching patients in PACS
  • Interrupting local DB search
  • Applying windowing values for batch export to JPEG


New function:

  • dark empty viewer background (old one was too bright on diagnostic displays)

Bug fix:

  • bug in terminal server version


New functions:

  • user reauthentication is not required when application is already running minimized in tray
  • command line parameter -dexopen
  • option to define default user configuration (setdefcfg)
  • possibility to suppress config dialog for first application launch
  • lazy components checks now using MD5 hashes


New functions:

  • highlighted browser panel which data is loading into
  • note text without arrow line (SHIFT key)
  • more intelligent viewer panel selection for image loading after double click
  • performance optimalization of localizer lines

Bug fixes:

  • after mouse drag with cursor tool, right mouse button can not be used until left button is used again
  • while decreasing number of viewer panels, active one should remain on screen
  • disappering toolbar icons after update to new version


New functions:

  • patient identification can be burned-in while performing batch conversion to JPEGs
  • application remebers last key for basic dicom search

Bug fixes:

  • localizer lines does not work across multi monitor environment
  • invalid request ID in HL7 procedure confirmation
  • ignoring license settings in CDViewer mode
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