Dicompass - FREE DICOM Viewer

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Version:3.6.30 (changes)
Release date:08/14/2020 12:56


The module Basic Viewer in Dicompass software is uncertified multiplatform DICOM viewer working on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux in four languages (Czech, Slovak, English and Russian).

The viewer supports the display of basic picture modalities (CT, MR, PET, DX …), text messages (SR) but also video records in DICOM (MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 H.264). Naturally, the communication with ePACS from ICZ a.s. is also possible.

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For the diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in health care is recommended TO BUY certified version that is approved for such use.

Comparison of free and paid version

DICOM viewer free paid
Multiple Monitors Support
Passive receiving from DICOM modality
TS Conversion, export, anonymization
Mass export
Export and burn data to CD/DVD
Remote Management settings
Creating structured report
Saving annotation ad measurement
Print on a DICOM Network Printer
Comparison of two or more series
ePACS transfer status
Local database
Image manipulation
Encased PDF documents
Operations with PACS
Verfing of digital signature
Operations with PACS
ePACS Support
Access to data via DEX
Print on a Local Printer