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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12



We succesfully passed regularly scheduled reaudit for verification of our conformity to medical devices standard.


We are working on accelerated OpenGL viewing mode. This feature will be available in all paid versions of viewer and it will provide fast and smooth manipulation with volume data and basic images on machines with graphic card supporting OpenGL version 3.


Dicompass version 3.4 was released! Top news are volumetric data support and ePACS data transfer monitoring.


We are currently working on Multiplanar volume reconstructions in Dicompass. You can see how will this feature look in future Dicompass version.


We are sorry for unavailability of installation package on 12th May caused by total failure of distibution server. We replace server with a new one.


Dicompass now supports special mode for 3 and more displays workstations.


Version 3.3 was released. We remind current users need of Java version 7 to continue using Dicompass. If your installation stopped working, please download installer, that checks requirements on your computer. You can read about new functions in changelog.


You can get more information about patient documentation transfering and its categorization within Dicompass at the Telemedicina 2014 conference on March 3rd in hotel Myslivna in Brno (CZE).


Slovak localization of user interface added.


Java 7 will be required by March 1st 2014. If you are still using Java 6 please update to Java 7 to prevent problems after date stated above.

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