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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12


DICOMPASS SERVER is a group of software modules that are able to create the information structure in your IT environment or also complement the existing one. If you have already purchased the product produkt AMIS*PACS Flex Server from ICZ a.s., the implementation of the following DICOMPASS SERVER modules will be very simple. AMIS*PACS Flex Server has prepared modules for those interfaces.

Update Server

Update server provides delivery of the actual version of Dicompass to each station within the local network. The internet access is therefore not necessary for every workstation operating with Dicompass software. The internet connection is required only for the update server.

License Server

The license server enables the distribution of dynamically assigned network license for the Dicompass software. The Dicompass can be therefore installed on multiple workstations that use the same modules. Basically, it depends only on the number of simultaneously activated Dicompass softwares.

Configuration Server

The Configuration Server provides a complete remote management of Dicompass software installation. You can quickly and elegantly change all Dicompass installations from one location (e.g., change keyboard shortcuts, change the resolution of digitised video, etc …)

Modality Worklist Server

Modality Worklist Server is a server application that allows you to schedule a particular patient for a specific examination (device). Eg. MR, CT, digitising Dicompass station , etc …

The Modality Worklist Server can be connected with the hospital information system.

DICOM MPEG-4 Encoder

DICOM MPEG-4 Encoder is the server application that receives incoming DICOM C-Store requests. When the incoming object is in MPEG-2video format, the conversion to MPEG-4 (according to DICOM Supplement 149)is started and when ready, the newly created object is sent to the configured PACS. Except the conversion, the interlace, generated during digitisation, is also removed. All objects in other formats are forwarded to the specified PACS unchanged. The time, sufficient for your storage capacity, will be extended 5–10 times,thanks to the above mentioned file reduction.


DicomShare = Remote access to picture documentation

DicomShare server provides secure coded access to picture documentation in DICOM format from remote workstations without the need to use VPN.

Advantages of using the DicomShare:

Dicomshare can be also used in a local network. The communication with DicomShare only can be set in the PACS server. This configuration has the following advantages:

The user authentication is performed by entering the combination of username and password or by using a hardware key or by combination of both. Alternatively, there is an option to set the permitted access from specific IP address, i.e. access without registration. In case you do not use the hardware key, user name and password are required every time you start the Dicompass viewer. The hardware key supports a specific DicomShare configuration, which enables to start the viewer without entering the password, in case the hardware key is connected. The price of one hardware key is € 129 (without VAT). Full support of DicomShare (DEX) is implemented in the Dicompass viewer.