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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12

Digitalisation and DICOMisation

The digitisation module allows you to convert video signal (SD i FullHD) in DICOM format in a form of static pictures, picture sequences or video records, including audio digitisation. It is also possible to transfer photos directly into DICOM format. The data intended for DICOM headings can be obtained via Modality Worklist or you can enter them manually. Afterwards, the digitised data can be sent to the PACS directly. The absolute exclusivity is the Categorization function. It allows you to assign the labels for each examination that are written in previously created DICOM objects. With those labels is then possible to filter the examinations.

Digitisation of Static Images into DICOM the digitalisation of endoscopic towers, ultrasounds, microscopes…
Digitisation of Video into DICOM MPEG2 / MPEG4 (H.264/AVC), including the ability to record audio (suitable for ORL)
Digitisation of Sequence into DICOM periodic scanning of pictures and picure series
Transfer of Digital Data into DICOM (DICOMasation) creation of DICOM objects for photos
DICOMisation of Pictures from Scanner suitable for digitisation of request forms, WIA a WIA2 scanners compatible
Encased PDF Documents the conversion of PDF documents into DICOM format
Modality Worklist Support (MWL) the option to acquire patient's data and the particular examination via Modality Worklist (Deactivate and enter them manually)
MWL Console the tool for entering patients data into Modality Worklist (suitable for patient admissions or receptions)