Dicompass - FREE DICOM Viewer

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Version:3.6.33 (changes)
Release date:03/14/2022 14:12

Viewer Standard

Functions of DICOM Viewer Module

Dicompass is a certified multiplatform DICOM viewer working on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux in four languages (Czech, Slovak, English and Russian).

Zoom, shift zooming in on a particular place
Contrast smooth change of representation of the grayscale (windowing) with optional presetting of commonly used values
Measuring distance, angle, area, histogram display
Custom Desktop Layout the possibility to divide the working window to separate display panels
Multiple Monitors Support including diagnostic (12-bit) monitors without loss of contrast
Verification of digital signature if the image contains a digital signature, the signature is automatically verified and the verified result is displayed to the user
TS Conversion, export, anonymization the option to convert e.g. pictures in JPEG-LS into Implicit VR Little Endian, removing the patient's identity from the pictures, sorting the pictures into folders
Transfer of images from of DICOM devices of DICOM Store SCP, direct deposit into a local database
Mass export mass exports between DICOM and other formats (jpeg, etc …)
Export and burn data to CD creation of self-executable CD with pictures including the lite version of the Dicompass viewer
Colour Range pictures in greyscale can be displayed in standard-defined range of colours
Colour range and units display display for a better overview
DICOM tags browser tags sorted into groups, search in the names of tags and values
Full support services of DICOMPASS server upgrade, license and CONFIGURATION server
Migration Settings the ability to export and import settings (for stand alone installing use only)
Key Shortcuts define your own keyboard shortcuts
Custom Labels the label layout across the picture can be configured arbitrarily, it is possible to set the display of the value of a particular tag

Objects Supported for Display

Pictures in greyscale little endian, big endian, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, JPEG Lossless
Colour pictures RGB, YUV little endian, big endian, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, JPEG Lossless
Video with sound MPEG 2, MPEG-4 H.264
Overlay View not burned-in annotations display support
Basic Text Structure Reports Support text SR display
Encased PDF documents display of encased PDF documents in DICOM format via an external PDF browser

Manipulation with the Series

Localizer lines display display of section's positions in the localizer picture
Comparison of two or more series simultaneous and synchronous passage through several series

Data Management

File System Scanning folder scanning or loading from DICOMDIR (CD / DVD), ZIP archives searching
Local Database basic / advanced search with combined filters
Files on-demand Download in case you remove the data from local storage and they will be available on a network drive or PACS, the data will be automatically dragged
Search and Download Data from the PACS DICOM Query / Retrieve SCU including combined filters
Sending pictures to PACS DICOM Store SCU, favourite locations
ePACS Support lookup in ePACS directory, the option of favourite items
Access to data via DicomShare access to the pictures saved in hospital PACS via HTTPS, e.g. from your home office
Access to data via DEX access to pictures saved in hospital PACS via HTTPS, e.g. from your home office

Print Pictures

Print on a Local Printer  
Print on a DICOM Network Printer DICOM Print SCU, support for black-and-white and color pictures, media and layout configuration